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God’s Gender

Someone aggregate a riddle with me about fifteen years ago that apparent my assumptions about gender-appropriate roles. I could not—I COULD NOT—solve this conundrum:

A teenaged boy was actively afflicted in a car blow and was transported to a adjacent hospital for evaluation. ER docs bent that an operation was appropriate to save his activity and summoned a surgeon. The surgeon took one attending and said,”I cannot accomplish the action because this is my son and I am accurately banned to operate.” But in actuality the doctor was not the boy’s father. What was the accord of the surgeon to the afflicted jailbait such that a acknowledged brake would apply?

I artlessly couldn’t see that women too can be surgeons and the boy’s ancestor could not beneath the law amusement him. She was his mother. If I attending back, I’m not appreciative of the dark atom I didn’t apperceive I had. I can alibi myself somewhat, however, because the bent is cultural.

American ethics accolade prestige, cachet and banking success about to roles/professions captivated by males. So-called gender “equality” in this ability requires women to accept macho attributes to accomplish in roles commonly active by men-for example, to get the aliment inherent in a affluent law career, women must, to put it crudely, abound a set of balls. Admitting changes are accident glacially, to this day the jobs commonly captivated by women are analogously ill compensated, if compensated at all (I. e., the appearance of children).

There’s addition abiding angle of American ethics that credibility to gender inequality. It’s OK—and consistently has been—for females to accurate their adult ancillary (think of ambrosial Annie Hall and her ties, derby hats, vests and cossack shoes), not OK for males to accurate femininity. I’m a adolescent of the ’60s and I vividly bethink the badinage aggregate aloft boys of my bearing who wore connected hair, bell-bottomed clover trousers and shirts that were added like blouses, additional eschewed war in favor of accord and love.

But not alone is American ability responsible. Riane Eisler argues in her anniversary book The Chalice & the Blade that throughout our species’ development, with a few notable exceptions, human cultures (or at atomic hegemonic Western ones) accept skewed the way we set our values. European archaeological affirmation shows that as aboriginal as the Neolithic age and through the Minoans in proto-Greek civilization, bodies founded affiliation agrarian cultures, their adoration centered on changeable icons of abundance and plenty. The amusing archetype emphasized linking relationships rather than ranking them as in the hierarchies afterwards established—beginning in the 5th millennium B. C. E.—by drifting herding tribes which invaded from the Asian northeast. Gradually ethics of cooperativeness and affiliation were supplanted by those of ascendancy and corruption (of added bodies and of attributes too), and the arch deities became male, advancing and aggressive. Or some changeable deities—like Artemis/Diana, originally the goddess of aegis for abundant women, accouchement and slaves—were tricked out in new accoutrement for the coursing or for battle, macho clones that bigger fit what the displacing animal ability revered. Others—like the abundant goddesses Athena/Minerva and Aphrodite/Venus—were bald of arch ability and fabricated abject to Zeus/Jupiter in the official pantheon.

Eisler credibility out that in those times in animal history if a bond affection attempted a improvement (the Renaissance and Elizabethan times; the feminist movement in the 19th aeon and, alternating with antiwar efforts and the counterculture movement, afresh in the 1960s), the ability of dominance, unsurprisingly, adherent its prevailing ethics and ultimately captivated amplitude (in abreast times, anticipate the anti-ERA, Moral Majority, the four-million-member NRA and added rightist groups).

[Reisler's scholarship, absorbing admitting it is, nonetheless does not awning a key catechism that came up for me: what fabricated those advancing tribes from the northeast aggressive? Was it diet, the defenseless attributes of the herding lifestyle, the acerbity of the abode of origin? Assuming all biological ancestry of the animal contest at that time were added or beneath the same, again I admiration which ecology factors annual for such a drive to dominate? A topic, perhaps, for added study.]

Alright, so I came by my gender bent legitimately. And with the abiding accretion supplied by the change-resistant ability I reside in, it’s barefaced my dark atom was still durably in abode into my aboriginal 50s. Make that is still durably in place. Because I apprehend that as afresh as a brace of months ago, I connected to accredit the role of God to a male. In an article I wrote at that time I approved to clamber out from beneath this ageism with rhetoric, with naming, but I accept to candidly accept that central my arch the “Creator” was still a guy.

Again, I’m a artefact of my cultural training that instilled, with pictures and pronouns, the angel of a macho God. But with my connected airy seeking, my advancing adventure for the accuracy of my religious conviction, how can I aboveboard up my acceptance that God is everything—good/bad, faith/apostasy, darkness/light, etc.—with a representation that excludes absolutely the feminine?

A pastor asked me afresh (coincidentally a woman, Pastor Liz) what my accepted angel is of God, and I responded, “Interconnectedness, a web.” Alternating with the account I’ve been doing, I’ve been cerebration afterwards about a added abridged acknowledgment to her well-timed, annoying question. Now I’d accept to say that my angel is one footfall aback from interconnectedness if all was one, captivated calm in a accompaniment of close imminence. The angel is the Big Bang, “the uncaused cause,” the incomprehensible moment 13 billion years ago of the agent of the universe, that spewing alternating consistently the macho addition to conception.

And for that access there was something to accept it, the abundant access of the seeds of ablaze that would, afterwards eons, become everything. That taking-in is consistently the female’s addition to conception. The ability that birthed the creation was both authority and womb, adult and feminine.

And appropriately is God, a antecedent so all-inclusive and needful of announcement that it created the creation from its desire.

Advertising Reality

Why are we so calmly bamboozled by advertising? I’d say a lot of consumers are ablaze and acquainted and astute to the means of business media, but still they buy shoes to accomplish them faster, exercise machines to accomplish them stronger, protein all-overs to advice them lose weight, and shirts with stripes accumbent for a sleek, trim silhouette. Are the shoes, the machine, the drink, or the clothes what accomplish us the appearance we are? No, actually not. Even admitting these items ability be benign to the anatomy physique such as good, light-weight shoes that fit able-bodied can accomplish our anxiety feel bigger and accessible for walking and jogging to enhance health, the shoes themselves are not automated nor self-motivated. It is the wearer who counts and who accept to do the plan to ability success.

If you watch television actual generally you apperceive how commercial softens our senses and sets us into affairs mode. Do you charge a burger appropriate now? Probably not but that aperitive hunk of meat topped with beginning vegetables, broiled cheese, and adhesive booze is absolutely agreeable and may force you from the lounger to those special, above shoes and into the affliction for a zip through the drive-through window for a carry-out bag of delicious, decrepit with grease delight. Forget the abridgement of ache or diet promises and reside for the moment.

Advertising coerces us to purchases every account beneath the sun, 99% of which we do not need. Say, for example, you accept a adequately new car that runs abundant and gets accomplished breadth and afresh the hunky cine brilliant waltzes assimilate your screen, animated as he jangles the ablaze keys and slides into the bland covering of a new ride. The abstraction starts to crawling your academician as you boring out the window at “Old Reliable” in the driveway. Easy financing, affable service, and abatement choir allure and assumption what? Tomorrow you are at the car banker signing up for a deal. Even if money is tight, auto dealers accept a adjustment to attract buyers with a “lower than your old payment” address and anon you are appropriately active a revolving money pit as you ride the new car aeon afresh and establishing an consistently a new car lifestyle.

Advertising can be educational as facts are provided, photos are shared, actors and actresses action acknowledgment on vacations, homes, means to travel, agronomical supplies, job possibilities, and on and on. Commercial gurus are accomplished at their barter and they apperceive how to angle our affection and apperception strings to get what they wish us to want. If 97% of all Americans buy Product X, why would I wish to be an outsider, a loner, and acquirement something different. If I came out in accessible with the amiss make-up, amiss clothes, and amiss hair color, my activity could become a disaster. And for some, abnormally those chased by the paparazzi this ability be true, but absolutely this is not my case.

I did apprehend a adventure recently, however, area the shoes would accept fabricated all of the difference. A adolescent man had afresh confused to a university city-limits from England. At 6’7, 350 pounds he had been an amazing rugby player, one to be reckoned with based on admeasurement alone. Recruiting football coaches spied him and arrive him to “walk-on” to the team. Going home and chatting with his dad he acicular out that he would charge cleats, the appropriate $150 type. His dad, aloof with his accord or his appeal declared that the adjustment abundance shoes would plan just accomplished for this walk-on affair. Being 18 and acquainted of cachet and aswell a bit stubborn, the son banned the bargain shoes and so no walk-on adjustment arrived. Instead he waited a year for the football alarm to appear about afresh and instead went to academy with his dad’s banking support. The next year coaches alleged afresh with shoes fabricated accessible and while he was not a scholarship amateur until the afterward year, he afresh had a abounding ride to play and complete his education. A lot of money in the continued appellation could accept been adored with the purchases of those adorned cleats.